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Flexibility Training

Our one-on-one flexibility training program will teach you how to achieve and maintain flexibility like a professional.

Learn from our professional flexibility specialist who has decades of experience in flexibility training.

Our resident flexibility specialist, Kei Murakami, takes the lead in this specialized service of flexibility training. She specializes in many forms of stretching coaching, including Japanese style stretching, traditional ballet-style, yoga-style and many more! Below you'll find a little more about each of these stretching styles.


If you have questions about working with a specific health condition, please get in touch with us to find out if this program is right for you. We may find that you are better suited for our hands-on Stretch Therapy service before trying this type of flexibility training program.

Flexibility Specialist, Kei Murakami

Freestyle Dancing Style Stretching


Ms. Murakami spent many years stretching while in preparation for nightly nightclub performances as lead dancer in part of a dance group. She understands and can teach you exactly what flexibility training needs to be done if you'd like to learn how to bust-a-move without busting-your-butt!

Ballet Style Stretching


Interested in becoming limber like a ballerina? Or do you have son or daughter on track for ballet? Either way we can help! We can help by introducing traditional ballet-style stretching elements with new ones to prepare your body for anything.

Japanese Style Stretching


Coming from an upbringing in Japan, our flexibility specialist, Kei Murakami, is well versed in the intricate ways of Japanese culture, and how they translate to oneness of the body through physical and mental behavior. Through this unique stretching practice, you can learn the deep-rooted methods taught in Japan for hundreds of years.

Cardiovascular Stretching


This type of stretching focuses on improving circulation for heart and circulatory-related ailments. Benefits from this style of stretching style include improved circulation, better heart rhythm, breathing discipline and more! If you have a heart condition, we highly recommend this style of gentle stretching.

Yoga Style Stretching

Like yoga, but not the classes? In our one-on-one yoga-style stretching class you can learn how to achieve yoga positions in a non-traditional way. Many have found this type of approach to yoga more appropriate for individuals with back-problems, neck-issues and other health conditions that prohibit or restrict normal yoga.

Gymnastic Style Stretching


Are you an aspiring gymnast? Or a gymnast looking for new and interesting stretching tips? Try our gymnastic style stretching training to amplify your bounce!

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