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Back Stretching Warm-Up

Hi there! Thanks for tuning in! Here is the latest addition to our stretching warm-up series. In this video we'll focus on stretching your mid-back muscles. Enjoy!

Below you'll find this video's transcript. Feel free to follow along if you'd like to learn more about the terminology we use. Thanks for watching!

"Hi everyone, Gavin Ravens here from Miami Stretch Therapy here to do a quick video for you about how to warm-up your back muscles before a workout. Now, we’ll do one stretch exercise for your entire back and then we’ll isolate each side. So just follow along. The first one is going to be just bring your arms straight out and your gonna wing your scapulas up. Just like that. So, push your shoulders up, push out, and then put one hand over the other. And bring it down a bit. Behind down, stretching the upper back. Push to one side, then push to the other. All the way up, until its overhead. And then all the way down. Pushing all the way down. Now you can do that as many times as you like. You can even switch your hand position, you’ll get a slightly different stretch like that. Then wiggle it out on each side. You’ll feel it all along here.then more i And the second one, which is going to be a two-parter. Is going be, first, grab under your elbow here, pull up and across and look in that direction. And repeat it, maybe 5 to 7 times during the warm-up phase. You can do longer holds in your recovery phase, your stretching phase after your work-out. Good, we’re doing just a few here for demonstration purposes so you can get a feel for how to do it later on. Second part of that one is you’re going to grab above instead of below, above your elbow. And bring it down and across. Now this one too, watch my eyes follow it down there. That’s going to help your spine get a little stretch into the thoracic region as well. You can also bend down more to get more of a thoracic stretch. And the other side. One little tip there you can add in, as your pulling down and over, push with your elbow on your forearm gently to provide rotation of the shoulder and your going to stretch your rotatory muscles a little bit too. Perfect, so that’s a little warm-up for your back. Feel free to use it before your workout and then go more in-depth after your workout. I’m Gavin Ravens, thank for watching and have a great day. Take care, bye."


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