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Testimonial by Cesar Narvaez

A big thank you to our friend Cesar for this amazing testimonial. Cesar broke his elbow a few months ago and had little improvement with physical therapy after having gone through a necessary surgical repair.

The surgery left him with a very limited range of motion in his elbow and doctors told him he may never have the same movement that he once enjoyed. There was excessive swelling, constant inflammation and pain radiating up and down his arm, and through his hand, from a trapped ulnar nerve.

Cesar decided to work with us and trust that we would be able to help him get better. It may sound surprising, but in a matter of weeks we were able to fully restore his range of motion, relieve all swelling and inflammation, and completely free his ulnar-entrapment. Best of all, he was feeling better, pain-free and able to get back to enjoying life again!

Thank you Cesar! It has been a pleasure working with you! We're so happy to have been part of your recovery and to have built a wonderful, lasting friendship in the process. We are very thankful to have had had the opportunity of working together. Thank you!


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