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Miami Stretch Therapy

Our company is a family run business that provides stretch therapy services in and around the Miami area, here in beautiful Florida. We started our service for those that prefer or need a therapist to come to their home out of convenience or necessity.
Our goal is to help introduce the idea that stretching, when applied correctly as a therapeutic modality, can help treat a wide-variety of health conditions. We've had the wonderful opportunity to assist many people overcome conditions that were thought could only be lived with. Many of those people have written us generous reviews and we have posted some of them on the Testimonials section of our website. You can also find a full list of them on Google. We hope through their words, you can see the power of stretching.
Stretch Therapy Team at Miami Stretch Therapy in Miami Beach, FL

Meet Our Team

The team of experts that work to bring stretch therapy to the comfort and convenience of your home.
Gavin Ravens, Stretch Therapist at Miami Stretch Therapy
​Gavin Ravens
Stretch Therapist, CFT

Hi, I'm Gavin Ravens, certified personal trainer and stretch therapist here in Miami, FL. I began my stretching career here as a personal trainer in 2012. I saw how important stretching was for my clients to achieve peak performance and how integral it was to help them maintain optimal health. I loved to see how it helped them in the basic ways, like gaining new flexibility and increasing their endurance, but I wanted to help tackle more complex issues that many of them had, like lower-back pain, sciatica and shoulder injuries.

I began learning about therapeutic stretching and massage through workshops, textbooks and seminars. With practice, they led me to be able to help my clients in the ways that I had hoped. I was so excited that I began offering stretch therapy as a separate service to my clients. From there, my passion for stretching grew to where I wanted to do it full-time. So, in 2016, my wife and I started Miami Stretch Therapy and switched our personal training company over to a dedicated stretch therapy company and haven't looked back.

Kei Murkami, Company Director at Miami Stretch Therapy
Kei Murakami
Company Director

Hi! Welcome to Miami Stretch Therapy! I manage our company from behind the scenes. We may not have the opportunity to meet if you try our service, but rest assured, I'm here to make sure everything goes smoothly and that you have as much of an enjoyable experience as you do therapeutic.

Before working here with my husband, I came from many years of retail management in my home country of Japan. I worked for companies like Tommy Hilfigur and Blue Marlin before deciding to retire and move here to be with Gavin. I very much enjoy our work together. It's something that I can believe in and support whole-heartedly, knowing how it helps people. It's a truly remarkable line of work and I couldn't be happier to support my husband in it.

Lil' Miss Murakami, Animal Ambassador at Miami Stretch Therapy
Lil' Miss Murakami
Animal Ambassador

Hi! I'm Lil' Miss, the Miami Stretch Therapy animal ambassador! My mom and dad like to think of me as a living inspiration of flexibility and how it can make your life so much better! Lucky for me, I get to spend most of my time sleeping, eating, and of course, doing my most favorite thing in the world- STREEETCHING out in the sunshine! I hope you try our service! I'd love a chance meet you! Meow, meow!

Kizzy Murakami, Stretching Assistant at Miami Stretch Therapy
Kizzy Murakami
Stretching Assistant

Meow! My name is Kizzy! I like to help my dad stretch with his clients, but sometimes people start sneezing when I come around, so my mom says I have to stay in the other room. I don't mind though, because while my dad is helping people, I get to play with my her and sister! Seriously though, If you need detailed bodywork, my little paws can get in the tightest areas. I'm really good, just make sure to ask for Kizzy the cat therapist when you call. Hope to meet you soon!

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