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Hamstring Stretching Warm-Up

Hi everyone! Here is our second video in the stretching warm-up series. In this video we focus on the hamstrings with a bit of calf and groin as well!

We hope you enjoy! Happy stretching!

Below you'll find this video's transcript. Feel free to use it to find specific terminology or follow along with the video!

"Hi everyone, Gavin Ravens here from Miami Stretch Therapy. Here to go through a quick warm-up stretch for your hamstrings before you workout. Now this exact stretch can be done in a standing position. I prefer doing it on the floor because it’s more controlled. So we’ll do a few different positions here. The first is going to be tuck your one leg in. Pull your leg in up toward you. And then take a deep breathe. Suck your belly in, then reach up, down into the stretch, keeping that toe flexed. And then relax back into the starting position. Imagine you’re trying to bring your belly button towards your toe just as much as your trying to bring your hands toward it. In the beginning just do the best you can. Once you get further into it, you can grab your foot and pull down. That’s more useful for the recovery phase after you’re done with your workout. DO that to get a deeper stretch. For now, just to warm-up just reach out toward it, stretch out the fibers. See now this next position, point the toe out. That’s going to stretch the opposite muscle of the calf, the tibialis anterior that runs along the front. And switch sides. Same thing here, pull your toes up. Reach up overhead, suck your bellybutton in, reach out toward your foot. Go as deep as you can. Hold it for a couple of seconds, then come up. Point your toe and reach out again. Good, and relax back into your starting position. Now let’s get both feet out. Both toes up. Very gently, reaching down into it. Be careful if you have any back injuries or back pain. Good, and then point your toes. And as little bonus one, let’s add in butterfly. So just like this. It’s going to stretch more the groin out but also the hips. Your going to push down with the strength of your legs. Suck in your belly button, hold onto your feet. And then, with a flat back, lean into it. Imagine you’re trying to bring your forehead to the ground. Good, feel free to hold that as long as is comfortable for you. And in the warm-up phase, just do a few of those. So, that’s it for the hamstrings and the groin a little bit; the calves. Good luck with your workout, hope you enjoy it. Take care. Bye. Thanks for watching."


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