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Quadriceps Stretching Warm-Up

Hi everyone! We've had a recent request on YouTube for stretching exercises you can do as a warm-up before working out. So, we decided to put them together in some videos and start a series. Here in the video, we'll start with the quadriceps!

Enjoy and happy stretching!

Here is a transcript of the video's dialogue for those of you who would like to read along or get to know specific terminology.

"Hi everyone! Gavin Ravens here from Miami Stretch Therapy. Here with another quick warm-up stretch for your quadriceps and hip flexors before your workout. You could also use this after your workout for a stretch and recovery. So, lets start with the left quadriceps. We’re gonna go into a lunging position. Imagine you have two right angles here. You’re gonna bring your ankle 12 inches in front of your knee. Ok, now I want you to sit back a little bit and focus on getting your pelvis strait. Get a tilt in your pelvis, that’s going to activate your quadriceps and hip flexors before you go into the stretch. Ok so active, I like to bring my hands up behind my head. Lean up into it and then lean down into the stretch. Now, I’m already feeling it. You may feel it in the beginning, maybe even a little bit deeper there. One thing you want to make sure is that your pelvis is not tilted back and you are not loosing the stretch. Keep the anterior tilt, which is, keeping your pelvis rounded under you, like that. Go right back into it. If this is too difficult, feel free to start with your hands on the floor and go deep into it, like that. That’s a good one too. Let’s do the other side. Start over here. Ankle 12 inches in front of the knee. Anterior pelvic tilt. Hands up. And, exhale into the stretch. Also are sure that your hips are not shifting, keep them facing forward as we go into the stretch. Good, let’s switch back to the other side and we’ll do quadriceps isolation stretch. Same position here. Ankle is 12 inches in front of the knee. This time, you’re going to lean in first, reach back and grab your foot. In the beginning it might be a good idea to hold onto something. I have pretty good balance, but it takes time to build that up. So, you can lean on your front knee and hold onto something. Just find your stability any way that you can. Good, remember to active there, anterior pelvic tilt on this one too. Lean in, pull it up and then exhale, pulling up. Now, you can assist with your hamstrings on this side. Contract your hamstrings as you pull up with your hand. And then release down. And repeat as many times as you like. Ok, other side. Lean in. Grabbing it. Pelvic tilt. Create that traction, the resistance in your quads and hip flexors. And go on up. You can rep it out like that, or you can release down every time and take a rest. Bring it back up and stretch. That’s my favorite one for a deeper stretch. You may be more familiar with the one where you stand up and just grab your heel and pull it to your butt. This is more deep, proper warm-up. Ok, I hope you enjoyed. I hope it helps and good luck! Have a great day, thanks for watching."

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